Top things to eat in Melaka

For those of you who want a vacation to Melaka, it is better to search for Hotel Melaka Malaysia first, and search for information via the internet about the best hotels in Melaka so that your vacation is more enjoyable and safe for sure.

Usually travelers visiting Melaka usually choose Hotels in Jonker Street, because this area is a very interesting area to visit while on vacation.

Holidays to Melaka is a very pleasant thing. Old buildings and traditional handicraft trade make this city very lively and a destination for tourists. In addition, there are some Melaka specialties that you should enjoy while visiting. The following are :

Spicy sour
As the name implies, this dish has a sour and spicy taste. The sour taste comes from the essence of Javanese and the spicy taste comes from fresh chili that is mashed and cooked with coconut milk and other seasonings.

Generally, tuna is used as the main ingredient of spicy acid. However, other fish are also sometimes used as variations such as stingrays and white snapper.

Satay Celup
Some of you may be familiar with a food called lok-lok, satay from Malaysia with a variety of ingredients. Satay is arguably a basket that is dipped in boiling peanut sauce.

You can choose the type of satay you want. Starting from vegetables, tofu, meat, until meatballs. Before eating, boil the satay you choose for 2-3 minutes in a saucepan of peanut sauce. Let them absorb as much sauce as possible.

This is the best when you eat it with your friends. You can take turns boiling and tasting more types of satay.

Nyonya Laksa
Laksa is a dish that is easily found in Malaysia. However, did you know that laksa also has many variants? One of them is nyonya laksa who is a native laksa from Melaka.

Unlike the other laksa, the laksa lady has coconut milk sauce which is richer in flavor. Another name is laksa fat. Named like that maybe because of the high content of coconut milk and fat in this dish.

Chicken rice ball
Eating chicken rice does not have to be the conventional way. You can also eat it in an exciting way, by eating chicken rice balls or chicken rice balls.

This dish has three main components, namely rice formed into balls, roasted or steamed chicken with sesame oil flavored, and sauce that resembles chilli sauce.